Friday, August 22, 2014

Article and interview was just published today in The Huffington Post, regarding my thoughts in the sublime in art.  Interview was conducted with Brandon Kralik.  This was mainly a follow up to my talk given at TRAC 2014 in March of this year. (I will post that vid later).  I do not claim to be a scholar on the subject, I'm not a philosopher or aesthetician--just a guy who slings paint, and who has some ideas to share on the matter.  Please enjoy.

The Sublime through the Eyes of Steven DaLuz

My painting, "Becoming" (oil, metal leaf on panel; 60" x 46") © 2013, was selected for the CD cover of "Spirit Woman", by the UK-Based musicians, "Ashi".  It was published by New World Music in August, 2014.  Here is what the CD looks like and a link where you can purchase it.

"Spirit Woman" by Ashi